The closed terminal (by the general floor space 21 504 sq.m.) is intended for transhipment of different cargoes from the covered European rail wagons into rail wagons of CIS countries. The object is also intended for transhipment of the goods from trucks in rail wagons and on the contrary. The customs warehouse for storage of cargoes (floor space — 2205 sq.m.) is situated inside the terminal. It can arrange cargoes for stowage in any customs treatment. The terminal also contains the warehouse of temporary storage of package and palletized cargoes (floor space — 360 sq.m.) under customs control.
Two railway paths of European («normal») width and 2 railway paths of a track of CIS countries entered into the terminal. The gantries (the length of each gantry is 430 sq.m.) for transhipment of cargoes are disposed between the paths. Each gantry ensures the presence of both 50 — 60 rail wagons of the European track and 60 railway wagons of a track of CIS countries inside the terminal at the same time.
This cargo object allows simultaneous transhipment of railway European rail waggons into CIS rail wagons and from rail wagons of both types into automobiles, and also from automobiles into rail wagons. The arrangement of cargoes in warehouse and the unloading from warehouse is possible both in rail wagons and trucks and vice versa.

Special ports can work with 6 trucks at the same time. The terminal consists of 2 separate sections. It allows working with chemical and dangerous cargoes, food cargoes and goods of household assigning. The hardware of a complex includes 6 forklift trucks «Toyota» by load capacity till 2,5 tons, manual dollies and other appliances.

Our customs brokers enter cargoes for their placement in any customs treatment if it is agreed with the client. The inspectors from Chop customs freight department discharge customs execution of cargoes. Their workplaces are situated directly on reloading sites.